Our mission is to give everyone a helping step up the career ladder in the animation and VFX  industries, regardless of age, location, wealth or time-availability.

AnimDojo Is a gym for your animation & VFX career

Welcome to AnimDojo v2!

For the last two years, AnimDojo has been an online training website which has successfully helped many "cartoony" 3D animators gain employment in their favourite studio.

We've now cranked up the dial to include not just other animation styles, but other job roles and levels of seniority,

This has been implemented through redesigning the website from scratch, splitting everything into "Rooms" named after job titles.


Currently, we have a room for Junior 3D Animator covering cartoony animation, and Junior Creature Animator for VFX style realistic animation. We have plans to create additional rooms covering many job titles and levels of seniority, from Junior Storyboard Artist to Studio Owner.

Whats in each room?


To find out about the latest career focused news, real-world meet-up events and participate in our Q&A forums.


Watch our checklist tutorial videos, so easily learn to self-critique and participate in weekly livestreams on industry workflows & tips.


We have a range of quick work-outs to regularly strengthen those animation muscles and longer monthly challenges to build your reel.


We list open job vacancies, host a showreel gallery and "e-pitches" so you can present yourself to studios with a short video.

"Animation is a lot like boxing: working hard and training daily pays off in the end. It doesn’t matter how long you spent on one shot animating it to perfection, because that doesn’t reflect the true nature of the industry. At AnimDojo we apply the same approach to our workouts to help get people on the road to becoming the best.”

Bader Badruddin
Co-founder of AnimDojo

"Metaphorically, we don't want to teach you how to fish, we want to help you practise finding the easy to catch fish. By utilising cognitive psychology research we've developed a programme which will allow animators to improve very efficiently."

Tom Box
Co-founder of Blue Zoo Animation

"Our ambition is through intense training and exercises, give budding animators the knowhow and shortcuts that you only ordinarily get through years of industry experience. With the aim of AnimDojo animators being instantly employable and prefered by the industry."

Adam Shaw
Co-founder of Blue Zoo Animation

Working with your brain, not against it.

We've utilised "brain hacks" (i.e. taking advantage of how your brain learns) to make sure the way AnimDojo works is as efficient as possible to improve your skills.

We have created the "Animator Checklist" to help you remember how to avoid making common mistakes and developed strong self-critiquing skills.
"Dividing the [animation process] work in a list of reliable steps gives me more control of the whole process, I can identify more easily which things are not working and why... I am able to work in a more agile, wiser way."

- Julia Millan, AnimDojo Tester

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not too clear on what AnimDojo is? Here are some common questions...
How much does AnimDojo cost?

AnimDojo is completely free apart from livestreams & tutorial videos which are limited to premium users (costing just £15 a month) but we have made everything free until July 2020 to help people in COVID-19 lockdown.

Are their deadlines or do I need to commit a certain amount of time per week?

We have based AnimDojo on how gyms work; so you can work at your own pace and jump in when you have spare time.
The only time limited parts of the website are to attend live workout sessions or participate in monthly challenges.

Can I get personal feedback on my work?

We do regular "Feedback Friday" sessions where a professional will livestream a critique of the work that has been uploaded to the website that week. We will soon be offering additional one-on-one portfolio reviews.

Do I need to be part of a school or have graduated before I can use AnimDojo?

No, AnimDojo's core mission is for everyone to get a chance to achieve their dream job, regardless of their background.

Can I use my old log-in details on the new beta website?

The new website uses a new password authentical system, which uses Google's private servers. So you will need to create a new account and configure your profile. However, any payment details will be automatically carried across to the new site.